Why Am I writing this?

That is a good question. What is the blog supposed to be? Is it supposed to be anything? The answer to all of these questions is some pretentious filler I have not thought about yet.

What I can say is that I feel I have something to say. This blog will talk about a host of things, and in some ways is intended to be an extension of my Tribune column, but perhaps with a more conversational and self aware tone.

The title of this blog, “Another Note in the Cacophony” is an acknowledgement of the fact that in this New Media Landscape™, everyone and their mother thinks they have something to say. I of course think that I have something to say, hence my writing this. You may disagree, but if you don’t, I hope you’ll keep reading this. You won’t be disappointed*.

Abraham Moussako

*I actually can’t promise you that at all.


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