Words That Have No Meaning- McGill Tribune column

(admittedly my “least good” column of the year)

“Last week, a group of activist students delivered a petition to the offices of McGill VP Finance  Michael Di Grappa. “‘We’ demand an end to this administration’s undemocratic and opportunistic use of the McGill listservs for the dissemination of propaganda,” it read. At 677 signatures, chances are this ridiculous petition does not represent any sort of widespread student will or opinion, and probably won’t lead to any action. However, it does shine a light on a problem growing in our society—our willingness to throw certain words around so much in argument that these words lose their meaning.”

Read more here: http://www.mcgilltribune.com/opinion/words-that-have-no-meaning-1.2698983#.T58TVNXnkaw


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