NJ Transit Responds

NJ Transit logo.

Here is the response NJ Transit sent today to the concerns I raised in a previous post.

Dear Abraham,
We are replying to your feedback of 5/18/2012 regarding subject: Bus System ease of use. We are pleased to hear that your travel on our No. 92 Line was satisfactory, thank you for sharing that information. NJ TRANSIT operates approximately 260 bus routes. Along with these bus routes there are over 15,000 bus stops and 2,000 bus shelters. We have not been able to produce a map of our bus system, on a manageable scale that will show a meaningful level of detail for our customers. We do provide the individual bus route map on each bus schedule, county bubble maps and online route information. There are a number of systems to help you with travel such as Google Maps and our online itinerary planner. Please also be advised that a number of counties throughout New Jersey produce a transportation guide for their area (please contact the county for information).Thank you for alerting us that Bus Stop #17228 does not list the No. 92 Line, I will notify the bus stop program manager. Please remember that our Transit Information Center operators are available to assist you with route, schedule and fare information daily, 7AM to 7PM, telephone (973) 275-5555. We believe pre-planning before travel generally produces a much more satisfactory travel experience.NJ TRANSIT looks forward to serve your transportation needs.

[Employee name]
NJ TRANSIT Customer Service Team


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