Speech and the Internet- McGill Tribune Column

(In which i discuss bullying and web trolls)

“The increasing influence of the Internet over the past two decades has been frequently accompanied by periodic bouts of public soul-searching about what effect it is having on society. Over the past week, two major incidents have questioned the Internet’s role in enabling unacceptable behavior.

The first was the tragic suicide of 15-year-old Amanda Todd, a British Columbian teenager. While commonly reported as an incidence of “cyberbullying,” the facts of the case don’t perfectly support that characterization. Todd was originally harassed by an adult male who lured her into taking inappropriate pictures, and  then sent them to her friends. After changing schools, she was subjected to further bullying by peers after an incident involving another girl’s boyfriend. In the aftermath of this event, the role of the Internet is questionable. Did it create this behavior or merely enable it?”

Read more here: http://mcgilltribune.com/?p=16476


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